Memories of VMI, Vol I

Originally published in 2001, the memories of the pranks, woes, and joys collected in this volume were drawn from the cadet life at The Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, VA. All of the proceeds of this book are donated to the VMI Museum. Here’s a sampling of the stories from Volume I:

Charles Banning, ’74, Snow Job:

Buzzy Northen, ‘77, was a star on the diving team, but I think he may be more famous for the day he almost quit VMI. One day, Buzzy was packed and departing through Jackson Arch. The Commandant, Col Buchanon, ‘50B, spotted Buzzy, bags packed and on his way out of barracks.

“Mr. Northen, what do you think you are doing?”

“I’m quitting. I’m going home.”

“Please step into my office.”

Col Buchanon convinced Buzzy to reconsider. As Buzzy was departing Col Buchanon’s office to return his civilian clothes into storage and to rejoin the Corps, Col Buchanon ordered him to place himself on report for wearing civilian clothes in barracks.

 Pat Morgan, ’54, Rat Conductor:

 When I was a rat, Dabney Coleman, the movie star, Class of ’53, would get a crowd of us rats in his room and make each make like a musical instrument when he put on classical music, and then he’d direct us. He had one hell of an imagination. I see why he is a movie star.

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